Tips for Building Maintenance

Tips for Building Maintenance

Commercial building maintenance can be a nightmare, especially in an area like Chicago where rain, ice, and snow are being tracked into your building all day. The best way to get your building maintenance under control from the start is to hire the right building maintenance cleaning company and your best choice for building cleaning is Specialized Building Maintenance. You want a strong building cleaning company, one that is quick to spot maintenance issues and address them quickly and professionally.

As you meet with your building maintenance team it’s always good to discuss building maintenance and cleaning strategy. Once your building cleaning team knows your chief concerns they will be more equipped to spot potential problems before they become serious. As you meet with the building maintenance team there are some questions you should consistently ask:

One, have you seen any electrical or plumbing issues in the building that need to be addressed? It goes without saying that serious building maintenance issues in either of those areas can result in extremely high repair costs, not to mention they can make your building unsafe for employees or clients.

Two, how do the floors look? In the carpeted areas, are they tattered, torn, severe stains? If there are tile floors, do they need to have fresh stripping and buffing? What about windows? Do we have any in the building that is inoperable, cracked, or leaking?

Three, are you seeing any building roof leaks or water seeping in from improper places? 

Just by asking a few questions like this, the building maintenance team can keep your building clean, safe, and running like a fine-tuned machine.

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