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Keeping your condominium, building, or office clean is essential. There are many commercial cleaning services Skokie, but not everyone can handle your cleaning needs properly. At Specialized in Skokie, you can rest assured that you are getting the right cleaning solution that you need. Our commercial cleaning company has skilled and hardworking janitors. All of our people have undergone training to ensure that they can handle all cleaning solution techniques and materials and understand safety concerns. Our cleaners are honest and can accommodate your special cleaning requests and needs. We offer flexible office cleaning Skokie, building maintenance Skokie, condominium cleaning Skokie, janitorial services Skokie, and other commercial cleaning services Skokie and house cleaning services Skokie. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality and safe cleaning services which are of a very high standard. 

Our motto is: true house cleaners aren't just born...they are maid!

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Professional Office Cleaning Services Skokie

A clean workspace inspires more productivity. Let Specialized do the cleaning for you while you focus on your business. Our in-house cleaners have undergone full training to clean various spaces including the lobby, cubicles, common restrooms, and open spaces. Schedule today!

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Professional Janitorial Services Skokie

Only experts can pull off professional janitorial services in Skokie. With the meticulousness and expert skills we have, you can trust all the cleaning to us. At Specialized, we offer budget-friendly rates for high-quality services. Set an appointment with us!

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Condominium Cleaning Services Skokie

We make condominium spaces look and feel immaculate with our professional commercial cleaning services in Skokie. By the time we are finished, you can expect your space to look primp and proper with all spots wiped, mopped and sprayed clean.

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Professional House Cleaning Services Skokie

Cleaning is not everyone’s forte, especially when you have no time to excel in different cleaning methods. But you do not have to worry about this when you have Specialized to provide commercial cleaning services Skokie for you. Call us!


    • Building Maintenance Skokie

      • comprehensive cleaning
      • floor care
      • windows and door inspection
      • sweeping and vacuuming
      • staircase cleaning
      • and many more


Specialized is equipped to bring you an array of professional commercial cleaning services Skokie, backed by our exceptional reputation and quality service.



With our fully customized commercial cleaning services Skokie, your workplace can be completely disinfected as we can kill up to 99% of surface bacteria and common viruses.



For the most thorough commercial cleaning possible, our team uses only safe hospital-grade disinfectants, along with HEPA filters, and top-quality microfiber cleaning materials.



As our professional commercial cleaning services Skokie are handled by experienced people that are insured and bonded, you can enjoy total confidence in our trusted cleaning team that cares about your workspace.



Our commercial cleaning services Skokie are always ready to go when you need us, and we’ll be there on time, prepared to do the job right.  

Our Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services Skokie

Fresh Start to Any Home With Our House Cleaning Services Skokie

One of the most stressful things to deal with is moving out and moving into a new home. Cleaning up before you leave or before you move into a new place can add a whole new layer of stress to the entire situation. When it comes to house cleaning services Skokie homeowners can count on Commercial Cleaning Services Skokie.

House Cleaning Services for Both Tenants & Landlords

When it comes to house cleaning services, we can provide services to a tenant who wants to ensure they will get their deposit or a landlord that is preparing their property for the new renters. You can count on our move out cleaning services and move in cleaning services to provide the best service possible. Rest assured that your property will be cleaned in every corner. Plenty of tenants are not sure about how well the cleaning is done in the property that they're about to move in, so they hire Commercial Cleaning Services Skokie for move in cleaning services to make sure they have peace of mind before entering a new space. 


Many Years Of Providing Home Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services Skokie is a house cleaning company that offers quality services. Our house cleaning Skokie experts take pride in providing top-notch quality move in cleaning services and move out cleaning services that help people live a healthier and happier life. We will be here for you in big life events like moving into a new home, making sure that your new place is spotlessly clean. So stop worrying and get our home cleaning services today!


Several clients have brought up questions and concerns regarding building cleaning and building maintenance services Skokie. Here are some answers to the most common questions.

Do you provide the cleaning materials?

Absolutely, our professionals will arrive fully equipped with the necessary materials for your building cleaning Skokie service.

What comes with building maintenance Chicago service?

Each business is different, so our building maintenance services are contractually based and can involve anything from regular cleaning, floor care, window and door cleaning, and much more. Our contracts are custom-tailored to each Skokie business’s needs, so you know you are getting just the right service.

What is the difference between domestic and commercial cleaning?

Typically, domestic cleaning is the regular cleaning of houses and living quarters. Our commercial cleaning service is focused on businesses and larger areas, generally involving a more intense cleaning program with specialized skills and materials. We pride ourselves on having the top commercial cleaning service Skokie businesses trust.

Our Cleaning Services Philosophy

We aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction while offering a great value for the price

At SPECIALIZED our goal is to offer the most complete client satisfaction with efficient and friendly professional commercial cleaning services and home cleaning services in Skokie. Our services are always extremely meticulous and low priced, making us a great value for the price. When you hire our company for any cleaning services you are picking the best cleaning service that you have ever seen.

We include all tiny details that other companies don’t take into account

Our very detail-oriented condominium cleaning services, house cleaning services, office cleaning services, and commercial cleaning services are the best in Skokie and its surroundings. When we clean any of your properties we’ll make sure to take care as if it were ours, that implies that we’ll get in hard-to-reach places like below furniture and above any shelves. Our maid service is completely committed to delivering the best possible cleaning results. 


We craft our own cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment, pets, and children

Our maid services are the most friendly with the environment and innovative that you can find in the market for Skokie. When talking about safe cleaning products for the environment, pets and children we weren’t satisfied with standard options in the market, so we decided to create our own. So our professionals will use our own original custom-made products to leave your space completely clean.

We respect your personal things and treat your property professionally

We know that bringing strangers to your house may not sound good. This is why we are devoted to properly treating your property with courtesy and respect above anything else. Our home cleaning services in Skokie can be customized according to your needs, and we’ll be in contact with you during the process. Your house is a castle and our maid services in Skokie will treat it with the right care and respect that it deserves. 



The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Skokie Services

Our commercial cleaning Skokie team has a belief that keeping the office clean leads to a better work environment. Our mission is to upgrade the quality of your workspace and make it a cleaner place to work by removing clutter and distractions. Here is a list of ways our commercial cleaning services Skokie area can benefit your employees, guests, and you.

Air Quality Improvement

Dust is a problem because it can get caught in carpet fibers as well as office furniture and negatively affect the air quality. Choosing our janitorial services Skokie guarantees that you have a fresh environment. Commercial janitorial services Skokie has been proven to greatly increase the air quality of your space.

Health Improvements

Commercial cleaning Skokie has a number of long-term benefits. Illness is common in the workplace because of dust, germs, bacteria, and mold. Our professional commercial cleaning services Skokie gives you better working conditions leading to fewer sick days.

Safety Improvement

We specialize in keeping your floors clean and dry and preventing injuries from accidental slips. To improve the safety of your office, contact our commercial cleaning Skokie specialists today!

Professional Impression

Our commercial cleaning Skokie service will reinvent the way you feel about being at work. Instead of guests and employees feeling uncomfortable when they are at the office, you will make a great first impression.